Advanced Calculator

Estimates the cost of creating a more complex website or application, with the ability to customize complex options

Number of pages

Please select an approximate number of pages for your application.

Copywriting of pages

Select the part of the pages that need copywriting

Authorization / Registration

Strengthening user confidence through efficient implementation of authorization/registration

Style of design

Choose a design style that best suits your users


The main purpose of a logo is to create a memorable visual representation of a brand or company


Choose which type of animation is suitable for your website or application

Mobile and tablet friendly design

Be there, where your customers due to mobile and tablet friendly design

Database integration

Concept of Database Integration: Definition, Significance, and Process

Live time actions

Real-time Engagement: Enhancing User Experience with Live Chats and Notifications

Day scheduling functionality

Allow your user to use functionality for time selection and temporary slot booking

Email sending functionality

Sending e-mails will help you to notify your users in more detail


Creating a Seamless Online Shopping Experience with E-commerce

Items filtration and categories

Enhancing User Experience with Items Filtration and Categories

Shopping cart checkout

Ensuring a Seamless Items Checkout Experience for Customers

Forms and emails

Please choose which option of use of the forms and email newsletters is suitable for you.

Users with different roles

User roles on a website allow different levels of access and permissions for administrators, moderators, and regular users. It can improve security and user experience.

Images gallery

Visual Appeal: Enhancing Your Website with an Image Gallery

Blog and Reviews

Insightful Content: Incorporating a Blog and Reviews Block on Your Website or App

Third Part Services

Third-party services can provide a cost-effective and time-saving solution for implementing advanced features on a website, such as chatbots, email marketing, or cloud storage.

Custom admin panel

Powering Your Website or App with a Custom Admin Pane

Opportunity of multilingual support


CMS integration

Seamless Content Management: Exploring the Benefits and Costs of CMS Integration


Enhancing Your Website's Performance with Effective SEO Techniques

Analytics metrics

Unlocking Insights: Analytics Metrics for Your Website


View clicks and other events on your website or application in video format

Support for app

24/7 Support and Maintenance Services

Application errors logger

An application error logger is a software tool used to track and record errors and exceptions that occur within an application.

Protection against intruders

Secure your online presence with our website and application protection solutions

Final Calculation

Approximate cost

$16.048 - $20.768

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